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The Vandenbergs and Youngs migrated to Australia in 1963, both families were initially housed at the Villawood Migrant Hostel in Sydney . [3] At the hostel, five migrants formed The Easybeats : Stevie Wright (lead vocals), Dick Diamonde (bass), Gordon Fleet (drums), Vanda (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Young (rhythm guitar, backing vocals). [4] Wright was their initial lyricist with Young composing the music as Vanda's grasp of English was insufficient. [3] They were signed by EMI / Parlophone Records with Ted Albert producing their early recordings. [11] By 1966 Vanda & Young had begun their writing partnership; together they penned The Easybeats' late 1960s recordings including " Friday on My Mind " which reached No. 1 on the Australian singles charts in 1966 [12] and " Good Times " (1968). [13] [14] The Easybeats became Australia's most popular and successful 1960s group, [3] they travelled to the UK on 10 July 1966 where "Friday on My Mind" was produced by Shel Talmy in November. [4] [14] They toured Australia in May 1967 and the USA in August to promote their later singles and albums, at this time Vanda & Young were producing their recordings; by late 1969 the group returned to Australia and disbanded. [14]

Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson, Kram, Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers will reprise the music of The Easybeats and solo repertoire of its frontman Stevie Wright as interest in the band is revitalised by the miniseries to air later this year.

The only other significant features were the succession of imported dance crazes like The Twist, and the hugely influential surf music scene, spearheaded by vocal groups like the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean and by instrumental acts like Dick Dale, The Shadows, and Australia's premier surf band, The Atlantics, whose 1963 single Bombora is a classic of the genre. Sydney even had its own homegrown surf-dance craze. The Stomp launched the career of Little Pattie and was massively popular in the beachside suburbs of Sydney -- incredibly, the 1963 Australian National Stompin' Championships, held at Lane Cove National Park, drew a crowd of some 45,000 people!

The Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats + Pretty GirlThe Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats + Pretty GirlThe Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats + Pretty GirlThe Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats + Pretty Girl

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